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Welcome to IAV Lightspeaker

What is a LightSpeaker® you say? It is a product utilizing patented AudioLight® Technology.  It’s an LED light and a high-quality loudspeaker that installs like a light bulb.  They are designed to fit into most 5” and 6” (R30 or R40) recessed lighting fixtures, or with an accessory, the LampKit, you may also use them in common lamps.

This combination marks the beginning of a new category and an age where multi-room audio is accessible to anyone.  The LightSpeaker® utilizes a proprietary 2.4 ghz wireless technology that is discreet from your home network.  It is an audio network, which has proven amazingly robust.  The full range driver has been customized to maximize the available air volume and benefits from digital signal processing to bring you the best possible sound from such a unique loudspeaker.  The sound surprises all who listen in its clarity and range.

Try it yourself! though don’t take our word for it!  The LED light is so efficient that it uses only 10 watts to produce light bright enough to replace up to a 65 watt bulb.  This LED light may last up to 15 years, which eliminates the need to change that bulb every year.  Sound Enlightening?  Look no further than the products button above to try a set out.   

We know you will Love them, and if not, you can Return your order Within 30 days** of the date of the original shipment.